Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hello and welcome!!

Welcome to Shires’ very first blog entry! We’re not planning to use this blog just to tell you about all our great new products (although we will keep you informed with the latest product news, reviews, events and anything else that we think you’d find useful!) but we’re also going to get other people to contribute to tell us about what they do with their horses, debate horsey topics and for you, as readers/fans/customers/followers to raise issues that matter to you. I’m hoping we’re going to get some really fab people to blog for us and also receive lots of thoughts and comments from you all. In the meantime, the chances are that I’ll be doing most of the blogging and I’m Rhea Freeman, Shires’ Marketing Manager. I have two horses of my own and a keen interest in horses, equestrian news and products…all of which come in very useful in my job!

Anyway, that’s all for now but there’s plenty to come…so do start reading our blog regularly…I promise to try and make it as interesting as possible for you all.

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