Friday, 24 July 2009

Well...entries closed for this year!

Well, the entries for this year's cover star competition have closed and I have to say that I have been thrilled with the standard and the quantity of entries. It's a shame that we can only put 10 people through as there were so many fabulous entries. I think that the main differences from last year's lot (which were, let's not forget, very special and brilliant too) is that the quantity has gone up considerably, the age range has widened (which is great) and people's determination to get their entries in on time has made me smile as people really do want to enter the competition. This year we've had last minute phone calls, people delivering their entries by hand, frantic emails...I have to say that I wouldn't have been that surprised to see a carrier pigeon with an entry attached to it today! It's been really good to have so many keen people. The final 10 will be notified in the next few days but I would like to say (and I really do mean this) that if anyone is reading this who finds out that they didn't get through- please don't be disheartened and do enter again next year. I'd also like to thank everyone..the effort that has been put into some of the entries forms is brilliant...we've had personalised DVDs, poems, movies to music, stunt videos- the lot!

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted with he next stage of the competition...thanks everyone!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cover star entries drawing to a close!

There are just 8 days, that's 8 days, until the Cover Star 2010 competition closes for another year...and I have to say the entries look really it's going to be a super tough job choosing just 10 from the entries we have received so far...and the entries haven't closed yet!

We've had some lovely photos sent our way...I think the most memorable has been someone who, with their horse, seemed to be covered in polka dots! I do like a bit of variety so it was a welcome addition to the mound of other photos that have been received! That said, you can't beat a nice horsey photo can you?!

I'm really looking forward to the cover star semi-final, we're going to Talland this year (I think my personal no. 1 horsey place in the UK) so the lucky 10 will have super horses and excellent instructors at a place that has top class riders arrive for training...honestly, what more could anyone ask for...I am very excited.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

...and here it is!'s like buses isn't wait for one and then two show up at once...well...our blog can draw that similarity today!

I promised you the full Julie Tew press release and here it is:

Julie Tew joins Shires’ Performance Rider Programme

Shires Equestrian is delighted to announce that International Event Rider Julie Tew has joined the Performance Rider Programme.

Julie currently has a yard full of talented event horses including her Advanced horse and Badminton/Luhmuhlen ride Sir Roselier, Advanced eventers Been Admired and Look Out, Intermediate rides Lord of the Owls, King of the Catwalk and Arctic Monkey II, Novice eventers Ballagan, Master Magic and Montiny and Pre Novice horse Simply Sox in addition to a number of talented horses for the future.

Julie’s successes include competing at Badminton three times, being 5th and 11th at Luhmuhlen in 2008, being 6th in the World Cup Final in 2007, winning silver medals and pony and young rider levels and winning at Weston Park two star to name but a few…her British Eventing record is very impressive.

‘We are really pleased that Julie has joined the Performance Rider Programme,’ says Rhea Freeman, Shires’ Marketing Manager, ‘we’re delighted that such a well regarded and talented rider has joined us and we look forward to supporting Julie through 2009 and beyond. We wish her every success in the coming season. We will be introducing a Performance Rider area to our website in the not too distant future to enable all fans of Julie and our other Performance Riders to keep up to date with what they are up to and any achievements. Once again, we wish Julie every success for the 2009 season and look forward to working with her.’

For more information on Shires or the Performance Rider Programme, see, email or call 01568 613600.

To find out more about Julie Tew, visit her website

Julie Tew joins Shires' Performance Rider Programme

Hello blog followers,

I am VERY sorry for the length of time it has taken me to post another blog entry...we've been super busy at Shires, but that's no excuse and I will try and change my ways!

Anyway, I am going to post the full press release that was sent out to all the magazines about Julie Tew joining the Shires Performance Rider Programme but, in the meantime, have a look at this link...

There will be plenty of press releases about our other riders in the not too distant future and I will keep you updated.

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