Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Good day out of the office!

Well, the sun has been shining and I've been outside on a summer rug photoshoot...it's a tough job but someone has to do it! We decided to take advantage of the suunshine, the buttercups, the lush green grass and the leaves on the trees to refresh some of the summer rug photos to get ready for the next catalogue (this won't be out until next year but it's not like we are inundated with glorious predicable weather in the UK is it!?). We photographed the Performance Maxi-Flow, the Maxi-Flow Fly Combo, the Tempest Fly and the Summer Highlander Combo. I'm sure that the horses thought we were ever so slightly crazy when we put a lightweight waterproof on one of them! Anyway, the shoot was a success and the horses behaved well so we didn't have to spend all day in the sun!

On another note, we've updated the front page of the website and now our Cover Star 2010 entry form is online. The competition is going to be run in a very similar way to last year with a few little tweaks, and a press release will soon be sent out to all the magazines that reveals more details about the contest...and about the venue for the cover star semi-final...it's stunning and I'm sure we are going to have an excellent day there. Judging by the interest we've had so far, I think we are in for a good one! If anyone want to know more, just drop us an email...the sales email will be fine and it will find its way to me...email sales@shiresequestrian.com.

Anyway, will blog again soon,


P.S...if you haven't received a Shires catalogue yet, email us with your name and address and we will put one in the post.


  1. LOL..I bet the horses wondered what was going on! I bet they all got together and decided to be very well behaved and photogenic so they could get the rugs off and go out for a good roll ;)

  2. That's probably a more than fair assessment! They were very good horses!