Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Brilliant day at Hartpury International

Sorry this is a bit late...I was going to write this blog entry last week to tell you all about the great day that I had at Hartpury International. I went on the Wednesday which was the BYEH day and the first inspection for the * and ** classes, so there was plenty going on and we got the chance to catch up with three of our Performance riders.
The first rider we met up with was Aaron Millar who is one of our newest Performance Rider recruits. He had his top horse and a mare with serious potential at Hartpury...he also rode a friend's horse in the BYEH class where he rode beautifully- one of those people that is fabulous to watch but you are green with envy throughout- but hey ho! Anyway, we took some pictures and interviewed him in front of the camera for when we launch our revamped website.
Next up, we met Nici Wilson and Mini Mr Bigglesworth (her horse) who is the sweetest skewbald horse I've ever met...he just stood there chomping on the grass oblivious to the fact he was at an International horse trials. We spoke to Nici in front of the camera too and took some pictures of her- it was lovely to meet up with her and, again, we will get some info about her and her horses up on the revamped website.
Last but certainly not least, we met up with Julie Tew and saw her with Ballagan and Lord of the Owls- two very sweet horses who seemed to be taking the world in their stride. It was great to see them all.

Hartpury is a really, really super place. We were lucky enough to be able to have a look round at their indoor arena, outdoor arena and stables-have a look at their website if you're interested, it's www.hartpury.ac.uk

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to a photoshoot- so let's hope it's not going to rain, I seem to have a knack for finding the rain at the moment. I've been out on three work outings this August- cover star, a local photoshoot and Hartpury and each every time I have got wet. So, if anyone's got any influence on the weather, I could really do with some sunshine tomorrow-we're snapping 2010 spring turnouts!

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