Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Who would decide to do a cover photo today?!

Well, I suppose the answer would be Shires! The plan behind today's shoot was good- or genius (it was my plan after all) and that was to photograph all three finalists in the sunny summer month of August as there are few photographs that can't be helped be a bit of sunshine. As our three finalists are busy people, they sent over all their available dates and, to cut a long story short today was THE day that they were all available. So, we had a chat with our friends at Talland, sorted today out, prayed for sunshine, I mean, after all it IS August and...what do you know...we caught the tail end of hurricane Bill (I believe that is the hurricane's name anyway).

So, what did we do? We ploughed on of course, the weather was better than on the Cover Star assessment day (granted, that was torrential rain) but the light levels weren't brilliant so our photographer had to work his magic. All of the cover star finalists (that's Natalie, Alex and Mary) show jumped first thing, then we had a well deserved cup of tea and regroup. We planned to do the next session on the drive at Talland with horses which we did, then we had lunch and finished off with some horseless shots. The weather did deteriorate and there was a serious breeze (and a few shots where the girls' hair is a little on the vertical side) but all in all, everything considered, I think that the day went very well...all we have to do now is keep everything crossed that the photos look OK!

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